Friday, August 20, 2010

Iron Man...

 A tribute to the Marvel Comics(tm) hero... sort of.

Iron Man! Iron Man!
Does whatever an iron can!
Can he press all your clothes?
Hot steam shoots from his nose!
Hoo boy! There goes the Iron Man.
Teflon Coat? That's for sure!
Safe for silk, wool and more!
Wrinkles gone with one pass,
Electric cord retracts up his ass!
Hoo boy! There goes the Iron Man.
In the still of night,
When the butler deserts,
Like a steamin' demon,
He will press all your shirts!

Iron Man, Iron Man
Kind to delicates Iron Man
Wealth and fame he's ignored,
Just provide, Ironing board.
That suit, it looks a little banged up,
Before that suit you hang up,
Give it to Iron Man!!!!

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